Making Memories

We host an array of formal and informal events monthly, from our popular Coffee Covens (group discussions and classes) to full Rituals year round.

Building Friendships

All are welcome, in person and online.  Both communities are active and friendly!

Always Learning

Our monthly Coffee Coven groups are the prefect way to break the ice.  Check the calendar below to find the topic of the upcoming event!

Upcoming Events

Our Facebook Events

Please visit us on Facebook for a full list of our public events.  We look forward to seeing you!


The Broom Cupboard

Posts, insights, spells, and sharing. Coming soon.

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Palm Beach Pagans

is an inclusive group of pagans from the Palm Beach area, who come together to learn, teach, and celebrate.  We hold rituals, parties, gatherings, and educational seminars to share our love of magic, light, friendship, and joy.

All paths are welcomed.  All people are loved.



Where to find us:

We meet every first Sunday of the month at 1pm for our Coffee Covens, graciously hosted by the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches.  Please visit us on Facebook to see all of our upcoming events, and their locations.

The best way to contact us

is to reach out on our Facebook page